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Mother Natures Mare Foaling Predictor Kit
(Patent No. 3,519,527)

The NEW and IMPROVED Mare Foaling Predictor Kit!
It is now available for purchase through select distributors
or here, on our website.
We have introduced a new test strip that is the "be all end all"!
It is patented and Equine specific.....and developed by our company.
It is exclusive and trademarked.
Not a pool strip or water testing strip!!  
Made and formulated specifically
for horses AND for a mare's milk.  
Researched and tested by horse people.   
This is the first strip of its kind on the market, ever,
 and cannot be duplicated!

Just in time for foaling season!

As seen in fine horse magazines!

This has been in the works for many years and tested before being
released on the market.  It test for every component possible that could
indicate foaling.  

In this kit you get:
25 test strips
Testing solution
2 test tubes (one for solution, one for milk)
2 syringes (one for solution, one for milk)
Collection cup with lid
Instructional Booklet with lots of great information

Price:  $31.95 plus $7.00 USPS Priority Shipping
International Buyers must email to for a invoice with
shipping based on your country.  

We can add an extra bottle of strips for only $21.95 and no additional shipping.  We will refund extra shipping
after receiving your payment.
Be sure and let us know if you would like this when you email and we will add to your order.

Refill Strips

This is the refill strips for the kit.  There are 25 in each one.
Color chart is one the bottle.  Price includes shipping.

Price:  $21.95 price $6.00 shipping
International Buyers must email to for a invoice with
shipping based on your country.

Please email with any questions:

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Mother Natures Miniatures, LLC
cannot be responsible for erroneous test results
or the death or injury of a mare or foal that is being
tested for foaling time.
Responsibility of using the tests correctly is
that of the person conducting the test, and
Mother Natures Miniatures, LLC cannot be held liable.
If in doubt, always contact your professional veterinarian.