Mother Natures Mare Foaling
Predictor Kit
(Patent No. 3,519,527)

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Mother Natures Mare Foaling Predictor Kit

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We are committed to the welfare and health of mares and foals,
and with the NEW and IMPROVED Predictor Kit,
you will rest assured you are getting the most information
available to help you be present during your mare's foaling process.
We have been selling mare foaling predictor kits since 2003, and have thousands of happy customers.
Accept no imitations....
Mother Natures Mare Foaling Predictor Kit
is the original and first of its kind.
Because it is trademarked and patent pending,
no one can duplicate it.

There are other kits on the market that require less mixing, etc., but remember
convenience does not equal accuracy.
Accuracy is the key to your presence when your mare foals.

In the meantime, if you need support....

E-Mail us directly at:

We know you will LOVE the changes....but ultimately......
the changes are to help you be even more
sure of your new foal's arrival.

The Mother Natures Mare Foaling Predictor Kit is available from the following distributors:
(United States, Australia, United Kingdom (Great Britain) and Austria distributors)


(Resellers request welcome; other new outlets, coming soon)

We have introduced a new test strip that is the "be all end all"!
It is patented and Equine specific.....and developed by our company.
It is exclusive and trademarked.
Not a pool strip or water testing strip!!  
Made and formulated specifically
for horses AND for mare's milk.  
Researched and tested by horse people.   
This is the first strip of its kind on the market, ever.

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